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Course Features
Special Features for the Curriculum
The curriculum focuses on optimizing the age structure of the teaching groups. Leading teachers and excellent graduate teaching assistants are involved in the building and reform of the curriculum teaching, paying attention to the heritage, update and improvement of previous courses, laying more emphasis on incorporating the latest high-level achievements of academic disciplines into the reform of curriculum teaching content and teaching methods, playing the advantages of scientific research and transferring them to teaching strengths, and introducing these into various aspects of curriculum reform and teaching materials innovation. Thanks to long-term continuous teaching exploration, ¡°Introduction of Environmental Sciences¡± bears the following characteristics:
Problem-oriented, the unity of knowledge and practice:
Lay emphasis on problem-oriented and student-centered teaching philosophy, emphasizing the unity of knowledge and practice, nurturing the professionalism of students, providing innovation and development space.
Research melting into teaching, with comprehensive, cutting-edge and guiding features:
Keep close connection with the academic developments, widely drawing the latest results of modern environmental science and engineering, forming the course structure of "academic development - issues - principles, methods and practice".
Taking cases as the core, integrating and optimizing teaching modes:
Integrate and optimize a variety of teaching methods, establishing the teaching mode of ¡°academic frontier - case studies - study results show - professional guidance¡± to nurture students¡¯ creative ability.
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Introduction of Environmental Science
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